Honor Bound Men

The men’s Honor Bound at Calvary Assembly of God is focused on ministering to 5  key areas of a man’s life.

Spiritual Life

CAG Honorbound is focused on men in their pursuit of Christ. It is challenging men to engage in a lifetime of spiritual development and training to overcome personal battles, reach new plateaus and influence others for the kingdom of God.

Family Life

CAG Honorbound is teaching men to become the spiritual leaders of the their household. It embodies the vision of men committing and being Godly husbands, fathers and leaders as God intended.

Church Life

CAG Honorbound is creating an environment within our local body that puts men in the best position to experience the church exactly as Christ envisioned it’s operation.

Ministry Life

CAG Honorbound is making sure, that men grow through discipleship and relationship, they have opportunity to make a tangible difference in, not only our community, but the world.

Social Life

CAG Honorbound is affording men events and meetings that will build the bonds necessary to satisfy our need for friendship, acceptance, and accountability.

We strive to take an “Out of The Box” approach to ministering to men, both in and out of the church.